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Useful Tips For Adopting A Dog

Dogs can add so much enrichment to our lives, and they ask for so little in return. If you have decided to adopt a dog for your home, you will want to choose your pet carefully. The dog you choose will be with you for nine to 16 years or even longer. As such, you will want to ensure that it is a perfect match for you and your family.

Useful Tips For Adopting A Dog

Choose a Breed

The first step in learning how to adopt a dog is choosing a breed that will suit your family best. There is a vast array of dog breeds that you can choose from, and they include pets of all sizes. To help you pick one that will match your family’s needs, ask yourself the following questions when choosing a breed:

  • Do you have the room for a large or giant dog ?
  • Do you have kids? ( Toy-sized and giant dogs are not well suited for small children.)
  • Do you want a puppy or an adult dog?
  • Do you have the time to train a puppy ?
  • Are you prepared for a hyperactive dog, or would you rather have a mild-mannered one?
  • Are you prepared for a dog that likes to bark a lot? (Many toy and hound breeds are known to bark a lot.)

Get Ready for Your New Pet!

Now that you have decided on a breed, the next step is to get ready for your new furry friend! Make sure that you have some good food for your pet as well as food and water bowls, a dog bed, a collar, and a leash. You may also want to purchase a variety of toys and chew bones to keep your new pet busy while you are at work or school.

Begin Your Shopping

You have decided on a breed, and you have all of the supplies you need for your new dog. But just where will you go to find one? In addition to checking your local classified listings, you can also find dogs in animal shelters, humane societies, professional kennels and pet rescue organizations.

Once you decide on a place where you want to go and adopt a dog, consider bringing your whole family with you. This will help you find a dog or puppy that will interact well with every member of your family. Always be sure to closely supervise children when they are interacting with new pets.

Evaluate the Dog’s Personality

There is more to adopting a dog than choosing the cutest puppy you can find. It is important that you take some time to evaluate the dog’s personality as well. Observe the dog while it is interacting with you and your family. Take note of its sociability and overall temperament.

Does the dog seem fearful or aggressive? Is it friendly? Does it come up to you wagging its tail, or does it sit in a corner and tremble or growl? Beware of dogs that are overly timid or aggressive. However, it is also essential to note that while you want a friendly dog, you may not want an overly rambunctious one.

Learning how to adopt a dog that will fit perfectly with your family is not hard when you follow the useful tips described above. Your new pet could be with you for the next 10 or 20 years, so you want to make your choice a good one! Be sure to let your family help you choose a dog as well. In this way, everyone will be happy the dog you pick.