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Cat Insurance

Your four-legged friend needs looking after just like everyone else. If your cat is injured or sick, you naturally want to give it the protection it deserves. Nevertheless, medical treatment for cats can be costly.  If your cat gets hurt or sick, cat insurance can help you afford necessary veterinary care.

Cat Insurance

Why Cat Insurance?

Cats have naturally inquisitive natures, which can occasionally get them into trouble. Kittens are especially vulnerable, trying to explore their new surroundings and establishing boundaries. Cats that roam outdoors often get scrapes here and there and are at risk of getting into accidents or fights with other animals. Indoor cats are also not risk-free. They are also prone to allergies. Other facts that can influence the health of your cat is its age and breed. The good news is that cat health insurance helps pet parents avoid a difficult financial decision about their pet’s care.

What Does Cat Insurance Cover?

Most cat insurance plans offer a basic accident plan. From there, cat owners may be able to add illness coverage, hereditary and congenital and preventative care.

When is The  Best  Time to Get Cat Insurance?

The best time to insure cats is when they are still kittens, or still young, and no health conditions have been observed. Once your cat gets older and shows symptoms of health conditions, those conditions may not be covered as it could be considered pre-existing.

How Does it Work?

Visit any licensed veterinarian or veterinary hospital of your choice. The cat owner pays for the medical treatment of the cat and then files a claim form with an itemized invoice. Claims are usually processed in about 10-15 business days, if not sooner.

Choosing a Cat Health Insurance Plan

The best way to start is by comparing different cat insurance plans. Before you start comparing, you should consider what type of coverage your cat needs.

  • Is your cat an indoor or an outdoor cat?
  • Is its breed known to develop certain illnesses?
  • Are there specific risk factors that influence your cat’s well-being?

The clearer you are on what your cat needs, the easier it will be for you to find the coverage for your feline friend.

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