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How To Care For My Dangerous Dog

Keep these tips in mind to keep you, your family, and your pet safe!

Learn what makes your dog aggressive

Maybe strangers make your dog feel territorial over your family and home, or maybe your pet is only aggressive towards other dogs. Learn what makes your dog aggressive, and try to limit your dog’s exposure to those factors if possible. When your dog does come into contact with the things that trigger its aggressive behavior, be prepared to control your dog.

How To Care For My Dangerous Dog

Reasons for Aggression in Dogs

Common triggers that cause aggression in dogs include:

  • Territorial or protective temperament
  • Anxiety/ Fear
  • Predisposition to dog-aggression
  • Lack of structure or training
  • Traumatic Experience
  • Abusive history
  • Medical conditions

Get the right care

Help your potentially dangerous dog get the right care and training. If your dog exhibits aggressive behavior, take your pet to the veterinarian. Your vet may be able to discover the cause of the aggression as an illness or other condition your pet is suffering from. If your veterinarian finds your pet is healthy, consider a behavioral consultation.

A behavior expert can help discover the root of your pet’s aggression and recommend a trainer that specializes in dangerous and aggressive dogs who will be able to create an individualized training plan for your dog. Your trainer may recommend daily training, group classes, or a boarding program. The right training for your dog is necessary to protect both your family and your pet. Teach your pet how to behave appropriately around your family and strangers to prevent your dog from causing injury and to prevent your dog being reported to authorities and possibly taken away from your family.

A good defense is the best offense

Often when your dog begins to act threatening towards a person or other animals, it is dangerous to try to stop its behavior. It is best to prevent your pet’s aggressive behavior all together, rather than try to stop it after it starts. If your dog is dangerous, always keep him on a tight leash when taking him for walks, and separate him from guests in your home that he is not familiar with.

Post a “Beware of Dog” sign in your yard or on your fence. The sign warns strangers to stay away from your dog and helps keep passerbys safe, and it also protects you. If a person ignores your warning and enters onto your property to pet your dog anyway and an incident occurs, you will most likely not be held responsible.

Love your dog

Your dog may be deemed dangerous, but he is still a part of your family! Dangerous behavior is often the result of things your dog cannot control, such as fear, anxiety, genetic predisposition, or a past traumatic experience. Make sure your furry family member feels safe and loved in your home.