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My Dog Has A Bite History Now What

PetPremium won’t exclude any dog from liability insurance. Read this short article to learn what to do if your dog has a bite history.

If your dog has a bite history, the process remains simple! When you go to get a free quote online, you will be redirected to a pop-up that explains the next steps you should take to get a customized liability insurance quote. There is a slightly longer form to fill out that includes basic information such as your dog’s breed and birthday and your contact information, as well as an inquiry about your dog’s previous incident(s). You will be required to provide basic information about the incident, such as if your dog was provoked or if you were held financially responsible in any way.

My Dog Has A Bite History Now What

Many times, if there is a bite history but the dog was provoked or the incident was miniscule, your liability insurance will not be any more expensive than if there were no prior incidents. However, if the attack was unprovoked and/or caused serious damage, there may be an increase in cost for liability insurance. PetPremium’s team of underwriters will look at your dog’s history specifically and create a custom coverage plan that is fair to both you and your dog.

At PetPremium, we pride ourselves in never turning a dog away and trying to find coverage for every dog, no matter its breed, history, or circumstances.

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