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Amazing Bucket List Ideas For Cats

Just like their human counterparts, cats long to accomplish certain goals in their lifetimes. As they advance toward becoming senior cats, time is ticking for them to achieve those cat dreams. Here are 10 bucket list ideas that may rank highly on your kitty’s to-do list, and a few of them may even inspire your selection of gifts for cats. Find here a list of handy (low-budget) DIY cat toys.

Amazing Bucket List Ideas For Cats

Catch the Red Dot

Every cat that has climbed the walls and spun itself into dizzy oblivion in pursuit of catching the hyperactive and pesky red laser dot dreams of the triumphant capture. Success of the hunt is considered one of the greatest gifts for cats. Help your cat to finally catch the elusive dot and check off one of the goals from its bucket list. Quietly place a special treat where your cat can access it. In a neighboring room, begin engaging your cat into hot pursuit with a laser play session. At the end of the session, use the dot to lead your cat to the awaiting treat. Position the dot on the treat, and shut the laser off as soon as your cat’s paw smacks the dot and treat. Praise your cat for its hunting prowess, and your cat will bask in the confident sense of victory as it celebrates with the reward of food.

Scavenger Hunt

If your cat has a pilfering paw, you have undoubtedly endured wiling away precious time in search of your missing keys, jewelry, pens and other personal items. You may have even discovered your cat’s preferred place to hide its contraband. Your cat never tires of discovering new shiny things to snatch and daydreams about the best scavenger hunt ever. Encourage your cat’s dreams by leaving some enticing booty around for your cat to confiscate. Donate those cheesy bangle bracelets that you no longer want to wear and stop tossing away pens when they have ceased to write. If you are in possession of keys that only unlock locks that are no longer in your life, place them on extra key chains for your cat to swipe away.

Get In Touch with the Hunting Heritage

Cats are predators by nature, and they celebrate the taste of victory by feasting on their prey. Indoor cats rarely have the opportunity to get in touch with their hunting roots, especially since any potential prey that enters the home is usually eradicated by the human inhabitants without delay. These cats can only fantasize about this ancestral activity. Next time something that is relatively harmless enters your abode, such as a moth, bring the prey to your cat’s attention and allow the cat to stalk, chase, capture and devour with rapturous glee.

Achieve Stardom

Your cat sees you when you are chuckling and fawning over those cat videos, picture posts and cartoon memes. Bucket list ideas for cats include the achievement of feline celebrity stardom. It is time to take on the role of talent agent and infiltrate the Internet with videos and pictures of your own cat. You know that your cat engages in some cute moments and silly antics. Enter your cat in photograph contests, start a Facebook page in your cat’s name and make your cat a star. Check out these famous cats with a blog.

Explore New Worlds

Your cat is getting bored with tunneling under the bed and investigating under the tablecloth that drapes to the floor over a decorative end table. Cats resent closed doors, and your cat is just itching to break into that forbidden closet to explore a new world where no cat in your home has boldly gone before. Clear delicate clothing and valuable items out of that closet, and make sure that the closet has no holes into which the cat could become trapped within the walls. Leave any items in the closet that the cat cannot damage, and add a couple of new cat toys or treats, such as a DIY cake, that the cat will be thrilled to discover. Leave the door closed just enough that an inquisitive paw can easily pry it open, and then see how long it takes your little furry adventurer to discover this new nook to explore.

Go Fish

This is not an activity that you will wish to encourage, given the amount of time and investment that is required for maintaining a beautiful aquarium or koi pond. One of the most coveted bucket list ideas for cats, however, is to go fishing. The dog can sing for its supper as far as the cat is concerned, but cats want to fish for theirs. If you keep fish in a tank or pond, simply accept that your cat’s mental wheels are turning in an attempt to figure out how to turn that fantasy fishing trip into a reality. If you witness your cat successfully nabbing a fish, there is little that you can do to save the fish at that point. Allow the cat its victory and seafood repast just this once, and then take further steps to secure the remaining fish from future fishing expeditions.

The Ultimate Prank

If you own a dog and a cat, there is one item at the top of your cat’s bucket list, and that is to pull off the ultimate prank against the canine resident. Initiating a game of chase by smacking the snoozing pooch and then darting away is fun for an occasional laugh at the dog’s expense, but your cat is forever plotting to take the torment to the highest level. Although senior cats may become increasingly intent on taking out frustrations on their dog housemate, understand that such plotting is not carried out because your cat dislikes the dog. Your cat simply sees the dog as an inferior plaything whose sole purpose is to provide entertainment.

Visit the Catnip Toy Factory

If your cat revels in a catnip high, it has probably pondered what fun it would be to visit the place where catnip toys come from and to be surrounded by the delightful promise of these herbaceous playthings. It is unlikely that you can fulfill such a field trip for your cat, but you can take your cat shopping. If your cat is trained to walk on a leash, take a trip to the pet supply retailer that stocks the largest selection of cat toys. Allow your cat to explore the toy bins and select some new toys of its choosing. If your cat would just as soon stay home, keep a steady supply of gifts for cats coming by showering your cat with new themed catnip toys for each season and holiday that passes. You can also enhance the catnip experience by sprinkling catnip on your cat’s napping zones and scratching posts. You can also help your cat start an indoor garden of fresh catnip.

Conquer the Vacuum Monster

Your cat may hiss at the vacuum cleaner that sits silent in the hallway as it awaits its snacks that lay in waiting in the carpet, and your cat may take cover when the vacuum monster roars. However, your cat is secretly trying to muster up a surefire way to conquer the fear and defeat the vacuum monster once and for all. Some cats are evidenced to zoom around the room on a Roomba, in which case a free ride throughout the house is all that your cat is wishing for. However, if your cat fears the vacuum monster, there is little more that you can do besides keeping the roaring and sucking presence out of the room in which your cat is striving for a blissful slumber. Don’t be shocked on the day that your cat has figured out its battle stations strategy and bravely emerges to fight the threatening beast once and for all. At the very least, you should reward your kitty’s valor with an offering of reassuring praise and treats.

Solve the Riddle of the Toilet

Looking at it from the cat’s vantage point, toilets are intriguing. If your cat comes running to the call of a toilet flush and perches on hind paws to get a better view, it is likely trying to figure out why the water always circles in the same direction and where the water and refuse ultimately go. This is so much more entertaining to your cat than its own potty. Be aware that cats are intelligent thinkers, and your cat will likely figure out this puzzle long before you do.

Only when all bucket list items for cats are satisfied can senior cats rest and revel in the knowledge that they have accomplished some impressive life goals and feats of bravery.

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