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Pamper Your Dog This Valentines Day

As all thoughts turn to celebrating those you love on Valentine’s Day, remember that your devoted dog offers unconditional love throughout the year. Show your dog that the feeling is mutual by considering these ideas to make your canine companion’s Valentine’s Day extra special.

Pamper Your Dog This Valentines Day

Best Valentine´s Day Gifts for Dogs

Toys for Dogs The toy aisles of pet supply retail stores are brimming toys for dogs that depict the Valentine’s Day theme, from fuzzy plush squeaky critters and pink and white rope pulls to bright red bouncing balls and chocolate flavored chew toys. You can present your dog with a new surprise toy on Valentine’s Day, or you can take your pooch shopping to select his own toy. Beware of the hidden dangers in dog toys.

Valentine Treats for Dogs Keep your chocolates to yourself since they are toxic to dogs. Instead, treat your dog to some Valentine edibles that can be safely savored. Pet boutiques and pet supply stores have intricately decorated cookies on display for the holiday. These treats, some of which resemble petit fours and sparkling sugar cookies, rival the cookies of human bakery window cases when it comes to appearance. Alternately, pick up a heart-shaped cookie cutter, find a recipe for homemade dog biscuits and have an afternoon of baking together. Your dog will be delighted to supervise every step and serve as an eager taste tester once the first batch has cooled from the oven.

Dog Spa Day If your dog typically exudes pride when strutting out of the grooming parlor and does not stress out during the time spent there, consider a day of pampering. After a trim, a bath and a spritz of dog cologne, your dog will have a spring in its step and a Valentine’s Day bow or bandana to show off. Offer a treat and plenty of fawning praise and admiration when you pick the dog up from the groomer so that your dog continues to enjoy spa days. Alternately, there is a growing number of spas that cater to people and their pets. Book the day at one of these venues for you and your dog to revel in the ultimate spa treatment together.

Visit a Local Pet Boutique or go for a Hike Take your dog to a local pet boutique for a shopping spree. Consider a new collar and leash ensemble that depicts a color or pattern of the occasion. If your little furry diva is in the habit of wearing clothes, make some new selections for her wardrobe, such as pajamas with hearts and a fuzzy pink or red sweater. If shopping and dressing are not your dog’s passion, consider instead a leisurely stroll through a local village town or a hike in the woods for an outing that is sure to please.

Dinner Is Served If you and your significant other are indulging in lobster and champagne, why not offer your dog a gourmet dinner as well? Champagne is not an option for your dog, but you can easily prepare a home cooked meal for your canine friend. Keep the serving size small, and use only ingredients that are safe for dogs to consume and that your dog’s system will tolerate. A simple medley of steamed and minced chicken, sweet potatoes and spinach with a small dollop of plain yogurt will have your dog dining lavishly for the holiday. Find more healthy snacks for dogs here!

From the face licks to the expressive gazes and warm welcome home pounces, your dog demonstrates love every day. Do the same for your furry friend all year by bestowing praise, interactive play sessions and plenty of quality time spent together. Your dog takes care of you by keeping a watchful eye and ear to keep you safe. Take care of your dog by signing him up for a health care policy on Valentine’s Day as a loving step toward many healthy years ahead. What are you treating your dog to this Valentine’s Day?