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What To Do With Your Pet When You Travel

Do you know what to do with your pet when you go on holiday? Deciding what to do with pets when traveling doesn’t have to be stressful. Making arrangements for pets in advance will make the travel planning process go much smoother. There are various options for pets while their owners are on vacation. For those that choose to travel with pets, planning is incredibly important.

What To Do With Your Pet When You Travel

Travel with or without Pets

  • Boarding your pet at a kennel Boarding at a kennel is always an option for dogs and cats. This can be stressful on some animals. Not all animals do well in a boarding situation. Some dogs may stop eating their food. Cats can become agitated. It is best to see how one’s pet does in a boarding situation before a long trip. Some kennels have designated play time for rambunctious dogs. A good doggy day care can really take a pup’s mind off of missing his family.
  • Hiring a pet sitter Hiring a pet sitter is a great option for animals that get upset when they are boarded at kennels. A good pet sitter can give one piece of mind during a trip. Worrying about a pet can turn a good vacation into a stressful trip away from home. It is important to establish a good working relationship with a pet sitter prior to the trip. It is vital to check references of potential sitters prior to hiring them. In addition to references, meetings should be set up. Making sure pets are comfortable with a new sitter will make all the difference in the world when they at home alone. Find here tips on how to find a proper cat sitter.
  • Travel with your pet Some people choose to travel with pets. This is easily achieved if one is traveling with a toy dog  or  small dog breed. Cats are not especially excited about travel and do best at home with a good pet sitter. If traveling out of state, health certificates are usually required. Some states have different vaccination and health certificate requirements. It is imperative to get all the details figured out first to make sure traveling goes smoothly.
  • Shipping animals by air Many people love to travel with pets. Airlines have become much more accommodating of traveling animals in recent years. Getting an airline approved carrier is the most important purchase prior to air travel with pets. Large dogs will be shipped in the cargo area of the plane. Airlines will not fly animals in the cargo area during extreme weather conditions sometimes experienced in the summer or winter. Learning the flight regulations is critical for travel planning.

Making plans for one’s animal is an important step in vacation planning. There are many options to suit any situation. Some dogs may be quite happy to be boarded in a kennel. Many cats will appreciate their environments staying the same, so a good pet sitter is indispensable. Finally, there are really great resources for those that love to travel with pets.