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Dog Insurance And Cat Insurance Differences

One of the most entertaining debates in the world of pet ownership is the gentle competition between cat owners and dog owners. Cat lovers herald the independent nature and relatively low maintenance required by their four-legged friends. Dog lovers emphasize the childlike loyalty, physical exercise, and constant companionship that canines provide. An additional factor, though, heightens the debate between cat and dog owners: pet health insurance premiums.

Dog Insurance And Cat Insurance Differences

To the committed dog or cat owner, pet insurance may be essential. Pet insurance often makes reimbursements on medical bills, should unwanted events take place.

What’s the difference, though, between cat insurance and dog insurance? Typically the coverage is the same, however if you compare premiums between them, you will notice that dog insurance is more expensive.

Why is Dog Insurance More Expensive?

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: cats and dogs are different species of animals. That simple fact, though, lays the foundation for the difference in price between dog and cat insurance. Both types of animals have different mitigating factors.

Cat Insurance Considerations

While dog insurance is typically more expensive than insurance for a cat, that doesn’t mean cats are, from an insurance perspective, risk-free. Parasites and cancer are realistic possibilities for the cat insurance provider to consider when establishing a premium. Your cat might get hit-by-a-car, become injured in a fire, or experience some other medical issue.

Pet Health Insurance Benefits

Obtaining protection for your dog or cat via pet insurance is a win-win proposition: Since it helps pet parents avoid a difficult financial decision about their pet’s care.  No matter the difference between dogs and cats, the benefits of pet health insurance for each are inescapable.