Dog Insurance

For most of us, dogs are valued family members. If your pooch were to become ill or have an accident, vet bills for medical treatments could be very costly. That’s why it’s important that you fetch the right dog insurance. Dog insurance plans will help protect your dog and get the best possible care.

Dog Insurance

Why Dog Insurance?

Dogs are active, curious animals. They love to run, explore, sniff, and eat things that are not necessarily good for them. As we all know, they are sometimes oblivious to dangers and can get themselves into hairy situations. Other factors that influence a dog’s health are age, whether they are purebred or mixed, and genetic dispositions. Taking all these factors into account helps determine the risk of your dog being in an accident or becoming ill which will have an influence on the cost of your dog insurance policy. The good news is that all or a portion of your covered vet bills can be reimbursed with a dog insurance plan.

What does it cover?

Depending on your plan, dog insurance covers a range of medical expenses for covered accidents or illness. The most basic plans normally cover hospitalization or other emergency treatments. From there, dog owners are able to choose different add on’s, such as preventive care.

When is the best time to insure a dog?

Dogs should be insured when they are puppies, or young and healthy. You want to get pet insurance before any conditions arise. Read more here.

How to choose a dog insurance plan?

Before you start comparing dog insurance policies, it’s important to think about your dog and its individual needs:

Knowing exactly what you need from your dog health insurance policy will help you find the perfect dog insurance plan.

How does it work?

You can visit any licensed veterinarian or veterinary hospital in the United States or Canada. The dog owner pays for the treatment on the spot, then files a claim with an itemized invoice, and typically receives a response within 10-15 business days after receiving a completed claim. Read more by clicking here or here to see how pet insurance works.