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Understanding The Different Types Of Dogs

Do you often find yourself asking the question “ What type of dog should I get ?” If you have, we can help! There are many different types of dogs, and while some are toy-sized, others are quite large. Furthermore, there are also short-haired, long-haired, wire-haired and hairless breeds. So, just how do you choose one? Understanding the different dog types and what you are looking for in a breed will help you make your choice.

Understanding The Different Types Of Dogs

Companion Dogs

Companion dogs are best defined as breeds that make great companions and/or family pets. These dogs often encompass other categories as well. For example, not only is a Golden Retriever a great hunting dog, but it is also a terrific companion dog. Companion dogs are typically breeds that are patient, gentle, loyal, affectionate and easy to train. Some of the most popular companion dogs today are as follows:

Hunting Dogs

If you enjoy hunting, you will want to select a great hunting dog. There are many different types of dogs that were developed for hunting both large and small game. These breeds are usually highly energetic dogs with strong prey instincts. Although many hunting dogs also make great companions, they are happiest when they are working. A few of the top hunting dogs today are listed here:

Herding Dogs

If you have a farm and are wondering which dog types would make the best herding dogs, you have come to the right place! There is a wide range of herding breeds, and the best thing about these dogs is that most of them are also great family pets. Herding dogs are most commonly protective, gentle, energetic and highly intelligent. Some of the most popular herding dogs today include the following breeds:

Working Dogs

Working dogs are those breeds that perform some kind of job that is useful to their communities. These typically include police and military dogs; however, they can include therapy, search and rescue, and drug detection dogs as well. These types of dogs are generally those that are highly intelligent, have a lot of stamina and are extremely loyal. Some of the most common working dogs today are listed below.

Arctic Dogs

Arctic dogs can be working dogs or great companions; however, what sets them apart from these categories is that they were developed to withstand extremely cold weather. These breeds were most often used to pull sleds in arctic climates, and today many of them are still used in sledding competitions. Arctic dogs are typically very muscular and strong, have stamina to spare and heavy coats. Some popular arctic dogs are as follows:

Toy Dogs

Toy dogs, often referred to as lap dogs, are small dogs that serve little purpose other than to provide loving companionship to their owners. As such, some of them can fit in the companion dog category as well. Many toy breeds also make excellent alarm dogs as the majority of them tend to be wary of strangers and will bark when they see an “intruder.” These dogs are not recommended for small children.

There are the six basic dog types that are available today. Understanding these different types of dogs, their temperaments and the “jobs” they were developed to do can help you choose a pet for your home. Take some time to research the breed of your choice, and you are sure to be pleased with your new pet. Find here the Best Tips for Picking a Dog Breed.